production: Jack and Joe Theatre (2004)
in collaboration with: Comune di Greve in Chianti, Associazione Microscena, Associazione Il Laboratorio and Regione Toscana
director and performers: Adriano Miliani and Alexey Merkushev
time: 60'

From Jack and Joe’s world.....
A white and blue world, dancing walls, objects coming from the sky and self-moving, diamond chains, figures of humans, paintings that are not paintings, living beds and flying souls, all that is the fantastic world of Jack and Joe ....
The rhythm of insane daily life and the repression of human needs are the new century’s evil.
Jack and Joe in The Office give us an escape, escorting us to find that fantastic parallel which physiologically everyone has, in order to re-discover the meaning of life by returning to live in harmony with nature, people and the world around us.
The Office is the hyper realistic parody of the protagonists working life, in opposition to their dreams, wishes and fantasies.
It is a Physical-Visual Theatre show, where words will be substituted by dramatic gestures which derive from a variety of artistic genres (drama, dance, clown). More than dance, more than theatre, the physical theatre develops ideas, going beyond ancient codes and creating new languages. All their shows give us the possibility to have a trip into a fantastic world with evocative images and visual emotions. This is achieved by paying attention to the music, light creations and with some amazing theatre machineries created by Adriano and Alexey.
The Office is a medecine for the conscience to improve the quality of our daily life.
The performance has been presented in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary Norway, Poland, Ukraine and it was elected BEST SHOW al 20th World Performing Arts Festival 2005 at Lahore (Pakistan).
In May 2009 The Office has been presented at Festival BIPAF Busan (South Korea) with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Seul.