Jack and JoeThe origins of Jack and Joe Theatre go back to 1992 in Prague, where Adriano Miliani and Alexey Merkushev met in the Russian group Derevo.
Throughout the nineties they often worked together with many companies, especially with Derevo.
Growing artistically together they founded a common way of thinking about theatre as a physical theatre which has a multi-disciplinary origin which combines music, dance, visual art and clown.
In 2000 they decided to found the Jack and Joe Theatre Company with the foundamental help of Mirella Lampertico as organizer.
In 2003 the company decided to make a new space for art and theatre in an old factory in Tuscany (Chianti). For six years, the Jack and Joe Theatre has been an important centre of activities such as organizing international theatre festivals, residences, exibitions, meetings and different drama courses.
After the closure of the Jack and Joe Theatre, in november 2008, because of lack of funds, the company decided to concentrate only on the creation and distribution of their shows.
They presented their performances in theatres and festivals in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland and South Korea.
They collaborated with Theatre Akhe, Derevo, Slava Polunin, Pippo Pollina, Carlo Colombaioni among others and even had some interest from Cirque du Soleil.
In 2004, the company produced The Office� which is their most important show. To create the new performance, Life Back�, Jack and Joe spent many years collaborating and learning from masters such as Carlo Colombaioni, seeking to forge their own version of modern clowning.
The company's performances combines many forms of art from dance to clowning trying to combine ideas and methods from different schools (the best of Russian and Italian traditions) attempting to extend non-verbal theatre forms into a modern, romantic and energetic new form.

Jack and Joe Theatre is substein by Tuscany Region Administration (2006-2019)