King of LoveKING OF LOVE
production: Jack and Joe Theatre e Regione Toscana (2008)
direction and performer: Adriano Miliani
and the lovely partecipation of Mirella Lampertico
time: changeable

For many centuries, The King / God of Love had lived alone in his temple. During all this time people had forgotten him, so he's really tatty and shabby. But now he opens his temple again and spread his love across human being! This is not an easy mission.
In fact he decides to donate his own blood (wine flowing from various points of his body, orange juice for childrens) as a magical drink. All the people that will drink that magic liquid will be full of love. His words are both prose and poetry.
The public will be invited to play with special eggs on metal forms, trying to recreate spirals of life, this will be introduced and supported by the trust “geisha” of our King. The show is very simple and funny for everybody. There is no start or end and it could be either static, in a closed or open space. With the King of Love in your street you will be instantly converted to love.