Theatre Akhe Saint Petersburg (Russia)

They define themselves as “theatre engineers” and they really are!
Amazing theatrical machineries are the protagonists of their shows. We collaborated togheter in lots of projects. They came many times to Jack and Joe Theatre where they also left a murals as a gift. We've known each other for a very long time. Maksim, Pavel, Vadim, Anderei and Yana are good artists, but above all they are fantastic people.

Carlo Colombaioni Italy - France

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Claudio Morganti and Rita Frongia Between Liguria and Sardinia (Italy)

Claudio has been a master of '80 and '90. We were so glad when Rita and him decided to start working in our theatre. Adriano partecipated as actor to “Waiting Long..” by Teatro Alkestis and in 2006 in the solo show ”Il cameriere James”. They created in our theatre an monthly appointment of artists. We gathered togheter to talk about art and theatre. That was a unforgettable experience.

Theatre Derevo Dresden - Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Alexey has been a member of Derevo from the beginning in 1988 until 2008. He performed with them all around the world. Adriano started working with them in 1991 in Prague where he met Alexey. Derevo Group and in particular his director, Anton Adasinsky, has been definetively the “master” for both Miliani and Merkuschev. Derevo presented many of their shows in our theatre and we are so glad about that. Many Thanks for everything!!!

Teatropersona Civitavecchia (Italy)

Alessandro Serra, the director of the company, presented his show, “Beckett box” in our theatre and it was a big success!. We started collaborate togheter co-producing their shows: “Il Principe di mezzanotte” and “Il Trattato dei Manichini”. It’s a group that work on details: not so easy to find today!

Guascone Teatro Pontedera (Italy)

Adriano was one of the member in 1993 with Andrea Kaemmerle and Gianluca Barbadori. They produced many shows. Alexey Merkushev performed with Guascone in Arbuz and Omnibus. Andrea still being one of the protagonist of italian theatre. Adriano and Andrea are big friend and still collaborate in theatre. In 2010 they will present a show together.

Laboratorio Amaltea San Casciano V.P. Firenze (Italy)

Laboratorio Amaltea is a large motley group of artists based in Chianti. Dancers, actors and directors both italians and foreings. We collaborated toghether many times. They are really good friends!

Soccorso Clown Florence(Italy)

The first hospital clown organization in Italy
Soccorso Clown is the national service of hospital clowns – experienced Professional actors - not volunteers -with specialties ranging from music to magic, trained to apply their skills to the hospitals needs. This kind of assistance promotes the health benefits of laughter and humor to hospitalized children and provides a powerful partner to traditionalmedical therapy. Exposure to the program helps reduce the stress, fear and isolation a child experiences when undergoing constant physical therapy and enduring intensive, often painful medical procedures. !

Teatro Na Voli Warsaw (Poland)

It's a beautiful theatre where we performed two years ago. The strange case was that we met the artistic Director of Teatro Na Voli, Maciej Kowalewski, only last year in South Korea at Busan Festival. We became good friend and we're now planning future collaborations. -

Zaches Teatro Florence (Italy)

Francesco Givone and Luana Gramegna has been for many times member of Jack and Joe Theatre and collaborators in many activities of the theatre and we are very grateful to them. Alexey was also the director of one of their show, “One Reel”. Good luck for everything!

Cantiere Ikrea Montespertoli, Florence (Italy)

Luca Perrotta, director of the company, has been one of the protagonist in realising Jack and Joe Theatre and we would like to thank him for this. Cantiere Ikrea presents street performances for children and adults in Italy and in foreing countries. Alexey collaborates with Cantiere Ikrea as an actor in two performances.