Adriano MilianiIn 1990 Adriano takes his diploma at Laboratorio 9 in Sesto fiorentino. During the nineties, he performed with many international companies, especially with the russian group Derevo ( “Attraczione of real wishes”, “The Rider,” “Schisly Mishly”). With Derevo he's on tour in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Holland...
In 1995 he founds Guascone Teatro with Andrea Kaemmerle. From 1995 to 2009 they create a lot of performances: Il grande bacio; Arbuz; Omnibus a touring theatre project on Via Francigena (Tuscany); “Siamo momentaneamente assenti”, more than 70 dates around Italy, France and Belgium; Cibo per cani and Bugie-Lies.
In 2000 Adriano, Alexey Merkuschev (his good friend from Derevo school's on wheels) and Mirella Lampertico decide to establish their own theatre company Jack and Joe.
In 2002 the group decides to make a new space for art and theatre in an old factory in Tuscany (Chianti). Since 2003 for the last 6 years, Jack and Joe Theatre, has been an important centre of activity organizing international theatre festivals, residences, exibitions, meetings and various courses.
After the closure of Jack and Joe Theatre because of a lack of funds, the company decides to concentrate only on the creation of their shows: The Office (2004) and Life Back (2008) which have had a great success in many international festival.
In the same time A. Miliani collaborates with the actor Claudio Morganti and Teatro Alkestis (“Il camerire James” and “Waiting for”).
In summer 2008 Jack and Joe Theatre takes part at Power of Wheels a special event in Mannheim (Germany).
Adriano is also a set designer (“Ubu U’ Pazz” by Alfonso Santagata; “Coda di lupo” by Fabrizio Cassanelli; “Diario Segreto” by Letizia Pardi.

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